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-Next Generation Global Workshop

The Next Generation Global Workshop brings together with next-generation researchers (including graduate students and postdoctoral fellows) and academic staff members from our international partner universities. It is an opportunity for participants to present their own research findings to an audience of graduate students and early career researchers from around the world, and to receive feedback from leading international scholars. These experiences contribute greatly to participants’ growth as researchers. They gain experience not only in presenting at an international forum, but also in activities such as chairing sessions and event management. They build their capacity to produce written academic outputs, and have the opportunity to prepare their manuscripts for publication in scholarly journals. The Workshop was launched in 2008 under the theme of “Connecting with Classmates across Borders”, and has been held on an annual basis by the Global Center of Excellence (GCOE) for Reconstruction of the Intimate and Public Spheres in 21st Century Asia. In 2013, KUASU took over responsibility for continuing the Workshop series.

Past workshop themes and programs under the GCOE

Next Generation Global Workshop
Number Date Theme Link Proceedings
The 1st Next-Generation Global Workshop 11-12, January 2009 Reconstruction of the Intimate and Public Spheres in 21st Century Asia
The 2nd Next-Generation Global Workshop 21-22, November 2009 Is “Family” Alive?: Changing Social Relations through Sex, Politics and Communication
The 3rd Next-Generation Global Workshop 11-12, December 2010 Migration: Global Reconstruction of Intimate and Public Spheres
The 4th Next-Generation Global Workshop 24-25, November 2011 Nation-States and Beyond: Private and Public Spheres under Globalization
The 5th Next-Generation Global Workshop 6-7, November 2012 Social Innovation and Sustainability for the Future:Recreating the Intimate and Public pheres
The 6th Next-Generation Global Workshop 11-13, January 2013 Revisiting the Intimate and Public Spheres and the East-West Encounter
The 7th Next-Generation Global Workshop 6-7, December 2014 Care and Gender
The 8th Next-Generation Global Workshop 1-3, August 2015 Demographic Challenges in the Era of Global Ageing and Migration
The 9th Next-Generation Global Workshop 20-22, September 2016 Transculturality and its challenges. (provisional)
The 10th Next-Generation Global Workshop 28-29, September 2017 Delineating Borders in a Borderless World
The 11th Next-Generation Global Workshop 10-11, November 2018

Self, Others and Community

The 12th Next-Generation Global Workshop 25-26, October 2019


The 13th Next-Generation Global Workshop 21-23, November 2020

New Risks and Resilience in Asian Societies and the World

The 14th Next-Generation Global Workshop 25-26, September 2021 New Normal Lifestyles during/post-COVID-19: from Crisis to Opportunity
The 15th Next-Generation Global Workshop 24-25, September 2022 Making care visible and sustainable: imaginations for the future

-East Asia Workshop

This is a student-oriented event designed mainly for undergraduate students to present their research in English. To date the Workshop has been operated jointly by the National Taiwan University, Seoul National University and Kyoto University, with the National Taiwan and Kyoto Universities hosting the event alternately. Before the Workshop itself, students attend lectures by faculty members from the participating universities, and pursue fieldwork activities. We are looking forward to welcoming new participants from universities in Southeast Asia in the 2013 academic year and beyond.

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-Student Workshop

Overview of Student Workshops (inbound programs) held at Kyoto University to date.

2013 Academic Year

2014 Academic Year

2015 Academic Year

2016 Academic Year

2013.8.21-25 2013East Asia Junior Workshop

2013.11.10-22 Analytical Asian Philosophy/Asian Students Receiving (Prof. Graham PRIEST's Lectures)

2014.1.11-12 6th Next-Generation Global Workshop

2016.2.3-4 East Asian Young Generation Humanity and Social Science Researchers Workshop

2016.2.7-20 "Studying Japan and Asia in Kyoto" program 2016

2016.7.31-8.13 Kyoto Summer Program 2016

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– Overseas Workshop / Exchange Program

The Asian Studies Unit coordinates a variety of overseas workshops and student exchange programs.

Overseas Workshop/ Exchange Program