Social Studies

Social Studiesの風景

In the contemporary world, changes in our lifestyles and global structural transformations are both occurring at the same time. Changes in the macro social framework such as globalization and the reconstruction of welfare, and mutually interrelated changes in the micro scale of peoples’ lives and family relationships, such as lower fertility and increasing international marriages, are together creating comprehensive, fundamental social changes. The Global COE Program for Reconstruction of the Intimate and Public Spheres in 21st Century Asia (academic years 2008-2012), established collaboratively by researchers from sociology and related fields from six graduate schools and two research institutes at Kyoto University shed light on these global changes from an Asian perspective in an attempt to establish a method of social research to do justice to analysing the current state of Asia. The Social Studies Division will be mainly occupied with carrying on, and developing, these newly established academic fields. Using the Asian Research Center for the Intimate and Public Spheres as a base, and through joint work with the Research Consortium for the Intimate and Public (1) collects, translates, and shares major works written largely in the local languages about Asian society; (2) carries out surveys on Asian society and constructs databases; and, based on these, (3) carries out joint research projects on individual themes. In addition, it has obtained a Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A) and a research grant from the Canadian government.

Projects for the 2013 academic year

  •  *Asian Families and Intimacy: A Book Series on Asian Intellectual Heritage from 9 Societies (Led by Emiko Ochiai, Graduate School of Letters)
  • * Comparative Asian Family Survey: Database construction, publication preparation, and analysis (Led by Ki-Soo Eun, Seoul National University; Hachiro Iwai, Graduate School of Education)
  • * International joint research on welfare regimes and transformation of  the family in contemporary Asia (Led by Emiko Ochiai, Graduate School of Letters)


Key Words
Family, Gender, Demography, Welfare Regimes, Community, Migration, Media, Care