Proceedings of the 11th Next Generation Global Workshop

Proceedings of the 11th Next Generation Global Workshopの風景
Session 1. 
Asami Nago University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa The Suffering Body and the Self: A
Phenomenological Approach to Undocumented
Karen Migrants in the Thai-Burma Borderland
Antara Chakrabarti University of Delhi The Self, The Other and Home in a Geography of Fear : Exploring two cities of chronic or suspended mass violence
Isil Bayraktar Kyoto University Migrant Identities in between Gender, Ethnicity and Religiosity: Questioning of Self with the Case Study of Middle Eastern Migrant Women in Japan
Yining Liu National Taiwan University Modernity and Chan Practice for a Better
Self: The case study of The Dharma Drum Mountain In Taiwan
Riya Sharma University of Delhi The Self and Others in the Fair-trade:
Reflections on Advertisements for
Cafédirect Coffees
Eko Heru Prasetyo Kyoto University Ride-Hailing Business in the Informal
Economy Era: Comparison Between Grab Singapore and Go-Jek Indonesia
Yung-Ying Chang National Taiwan University Everyday Nationhood: The Case of
Taiwanese K-pop Fans
Ikuyo Ejiri Kyoto University Messages from Portraits in the Del Lama Altarpiece of Botticelli
Miki Kuramochi Kyoto Sangyo University Social Bonds Nourished Through Paintings and Books: A Case Study of Artistic Circles in Seventeenth-Century Rome
Zhansulu Issayeva Seoul National University Ways of Healthy Ageing: Case study ofCommunity – Based Care Initiatives in South Korea
Yongli Wang Beijing Foreign Studies University The University’s New Role in Aging Society:The Aging Society and the Elderly’s Re-socialization
Kayoko Yakuwa Kyoto University What’s the Meaning of Meeting Up with Homeless People on the Street?: Regarding on the Roles of Street Magazines in the Society
Session 2. 
Xiaoqiang Han Southwest University of Political Science and Law Open-Source: Self, Other and Community
in the age of Software
Ming Tak Ernest Leung The Chinese University of Hong Kong My Continuation, Your Revolution :
The Japanese Factor in Korean Socialism
Joseph Dellatte Kyoto university Linking Emissions trading Schemes of China and Europe:The transparency question
Radhika Kannan University of Delhi The Autobiographical Self In ‘Welcome To The NHK!’: Illness Experience of a Hikikomori
Rui Mao Nanjing University Princess Hang Lipo: Malaysia Chinese Literary Writing, Cultural Memory and Ethnic Identity
Eriko Adachi Kyoto University Beauty as Social Morality: Self, Others and Community According to Muneyoshi Yanagi
Afeeda Kallil Thiruvalil University of Delhi Sacred Pain and Transformative Self: An Ethnographic Study on
Kuthuratheeb among Mappila Muslims of Malabar, Kerala.
Haruo Inoue Kyoto University Influence of the North Indian Traditional Music on the Works of Two Experimental Musicians
Session 3. 
Mhairi Montgomery Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg Ethnic Tourism and the Ainu:Questions of Cultural Authenticity
Zikang Zhang Kyoto University The Functions of the Linguists in the Nineteenth Century East Asia
Maria Carlotta Avanzi Kyoto University The “ Self” confronting the “Others”: A Study of the Process Toward Japanese Original Artistic Production of the Hakuhō Period―Focusing on Dōgan Dōgyō icons ―
Jia-Min Yang National Chengchi University The Research Trends of Media and Nationalism in Digital Era:
In the Cases of Academic Journals “National Identities” and “Nations and Nationalism”
Gili Peleg Heidelberg University Nationalism, Collective Memory, and the Dokdo/ Takeshima Dispute
Fang Lin Kyoto University Reconsideration of the Japanese Role
in the Chinese Peking Opera Troupe’s Visit to Japan in 1956
Yung-Ching Hsu Huanggang Normal University The Idea of Self and Freedom in Mencius’ Philosophy
Edward Massie Eisner University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Ethics for a New Society: Nishi Amane, Translation and Early Meiji Philosophy
Keiki Nakayama Kyoto University Impermanence, Suffering and No-Self
Session 4. 
Giulia Baquè & Manuela Coldesina Universiteit Leiden Fashioning the Self in Shunga:
Gender Fluidity within a Community
Anri Sasaki Kyoto university Self-representations in the Community of French Romantic artists
Chihiro Tennojiya Kyoto University The Distance between the Self and Others in Courbet’s Young Ladies on the Banks of the Seine
Anne-Chie Wang National Taiwan University Deciding for Oneself: Good-Death Discourse in Taiwan
Biye Gao Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Ethics of Care and Relational Autonomy:
A Case Study on Chinese Young Mothers and Their Children
Mingrou Gao Kyoto University Who Defines Our Body Image?: TheRelationship of Socioeconomic Status with Body Mass Index in Japan
Tzu Yi Kao National Taiwan University How To Train A Glocal Coffee-Shop
Worker In Semi-Peripheral Taiwan
Byung Hun Yoon Seoul National University Proud to Unconform: Socially Contested
Constitution of Self and the Double Bind of
Alternativeness in Gandhi Highschool
Lingwei Wang Kyoto University Creating a School on Television : A Study of NHK Chugakusei Nikki
Sukanya Meesakulthong(with Patcharawalai Wongboonsin) Chulalongkorn University Underemployment: Is It Sacrificing?
Ting-She Chang National Taiwan University Psychiatric Exemption and its Changing
Standard in Taiwanese Military
Joanna Kitsnik Kyoto University Negotiating Normative Expectations, Problematic Sustainability and Disempowerment: The Conflicting Realities of Participation Practices in Estonian Civil Society

Editorial assistant: Gao Biye (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)