Joint Ph.D. Supervision

Joint Ph.D. Supervisionの風景

– Student Exchange Program

Towards nurturing Asia’s future leaders, this program, in cooperation with the academic personnel of partner universities abroad, implements joint supervision of dissertation theses of doctoral students of Kyoto University and partner universities. The period ranges from short term to more than 1 year. In particular, this program aims to nurture global experts with deep mutual understanding and persuasive communication ability. For this to happen, cultural exchange and Japanese language educational support in partner universities, schools and companies in the destination localities is also carried out by Japanese students with graduate-level specialization.

– Long-term Overseas Program

The Asian Studies Unit operates the ERASMUS Programs for medium- and long-term overseas study. Offerings include standard programs offered by program coordinators, and programs organized on the basis of proposals made by applicants themselves.


– Long-term SEND Program

The Long-term SEND Program aims to foster globally-minded human resources equipped not only with expert knowledge, but also with local insights and practical competencies. Participants apply graduate-level expertise to engage in Japanese language teaching support and cultural exchange at their host universities and local schools, companies, and other organizations. With view to enabling further engagement beyond Japan in the future, we believe it is essential for students to access experiences beyond their conventional community of researchers in order to develop the capacity to communicate convincingly and pursue in-depth mutual understanding. By engaging in joint research and field work activities with researchers at their host university, and through their experiences on the Long-term SEND Program, our students benefit from extensive collaborative interaction with researchers beyond Japan and develop into practical-minded global scholars and specialists.

– Double Degree System

ACTS (ASEAN Credit Transfer System) and UCTS (UMAP Credit Transfer Scheme; UMAP: University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific) will be the foundation, working towards the realization of mutual accreditation of university credits, grade management, and degree conferment. Nevertheless, with reference to a comparative investigation of ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) which was used as a model for ACTS, we have also started to examine a system taking into account double degree conferment with Heidelberg University.