Joint Ph.D. Supervision

Joint Ph.D. Supervisionの風景

– Student Exchange Program

Towards nurturing Asia’s future leaders, this program, in cooperation with the academic personnel of partner universities abroad, implements joint supervision of dissertation theses of doctoral students of Kyoto University and partner universities. The period ranges from short term to more than 1 year. In particular, this program aims to nurture global experts with deep mutual understanding and persuasive communication ability. For this to happen, cultural exchange and Japanese language educational support in partner universities, schools and companies in the destination localities is also carried out by Japanese students with graduate-level specialization.

– Double Degree System

The Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University and L’École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS) have launched a double degree program (Cotutelle Program) in April 2020. This program is the third double degree program that Kyoto University has established with an overseas university, and the first in the humanities.

EHESS is an internationally renowned research institute in the field of humanities and social sciences, and has the largest graduate school in this field in Europe, with approximately 2,000 doctoral students. In 2015, TUFS concluded an inter-university academic exchange agreement with EHESS, and academic interactions have been conducted in various fields such as sociology, economics, jurisprudence, Asian studies, and African studies.

In this program, students belong to both graduate school doctoral programs as regular students, engage in research in Japan and France during the program period, and receive joint supervision by faculty members from both universities. After submitting a doctoral dissertation and passing a joint examination, students can obtain two degrees by following the necessary procedures in accordance with the degree regulations of both universities.

Overview of the International Cotutelle between Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University and EHESS