Proceedings of the 12th Next Generation Global Workshop

Proceedings of the 12th Next Generation Global Workshopの風景
Session 1. 
Pham Thi Thanh Huyen University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam  National University In pursuit of sustainable ethnic equalities via cultural dialogue among the Cham in Ninh Thuận province, Vietnam 01. Pham Huyen
Maria Carlotta Avanzi Kyoto University Art and Inequalities. -Focusing on the Oriental Art Museum of Turin and on its Efforts to OvercomeCultural Inequalities Caused by Ethnic Differences-
Agustinus Sem Porak Tangkeliku University of Indonesia Gambling in Buffalo Fighting as a symbol of Social Class in Rambu Solo ‘Ceremony’ – Continuity and Social Change in the Toraja Society
Estu Putri Wilujeng University of Indonesia Urban Labour Inequality: Segregation and Gentrification in the Jakarta Industrial Area
Jagriti Gangopadhyay Manipal Academy of Higher Education Examining the role of civil societies in shaping the process of growing old among older adults across India
Daryl Ooi Shen National University of Singapore Virtue Ethics: Forgotten or Forsaken – The Relevance of a Virtue Ethic of Roles for Singaporean Society
Sayaka Sakoda Kyoto University Historical Evolution of Inequalities and Status Identification: An Approach Based on the Concept of Self-Responsibility
Session 2. 
Hilson Reidpath University of Hawaii at Manoa Too Sweet to Crash: Sugar, Famine and Fleeing in early 20th Century Okinawa
Lana Hye-Joe Park Seoul National University What Comes Next After the Subalterns Spoke?
Goh Jianrong National University of Singapore Decolonising ‘Urban Experiment’: Thinking from “Asia”
Droz Laÿna Kyoto University Unethical or Meaningful Inequalities: Sustainability as Priority in the Global Context of Pluralism of Worldviews
Rekha Yadav Jawaharlal Nehru University Religious, Caste, Gender Inequalities and the Making of Akhāṛās (Wrestling Gymnasiums) as a Social Space in North India
Tokiko Inoue Kyoto Univeisity A Study of Muslim Internal Displaced Persons in Post-War Sri Lanka: Women’s Perspective of Social Changes among IDPs
Raman Deep Delhi University Conceptualising Dalits in Contemporary India
Session 3. 
Ritwika Patgiri South Asian University Of Inequalities and Hopes: The Gendered Connotations of the Economic Liberalization of India
Punita Kapoor Jawaharlal Nehru University Gender Socio-Economic Inequalities: Traditional Indian Embroidery Industry in India
Rubani Yumkhaibam Independent Researcher Gender Inequality, Power, and Resistance: A Study of the Socio-Cultural Location of Transgender Nupi Mannbis of Manipur
Rini Maryam University of Indonesia The Urgency of Applying Domestic Violence Screening Mechanism for Divorce Mediation in Religious Court
Truong Thi Thu Thuy Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences Women’s Responses to Domestic Violence(Qualitative analysis in Hue and An Giang Provinces)
Iva Kasuma University of Indonesia The Challenge of Proving Cases of Repeated Sexual Violence: A Study into HowVictims are Handled in Indonesia Legal Procedure