Cross-Cultural Understanding

Cross-Cultural Understandingの風景

– Overseas Language Trainings

To nurture future leaders who will play active roles in the ASEAN+6 region, the program not only aims to improve English language ability as a prerequisite for increasing the effectiveness of international collaborative specialized education, it also aims to improve students’ multilingual ability in Asian languages by intensive on-site learning of these languages, such as Chinese, Korean, Indonesian and Thai.

The Overseas Study Program

-Short-term SEND Program

In order to master the methodology necessary to grasp contemporary issues faced by Asia from both an international and an inter-disciplinarily perspective, the project aims to deepen the students’ understanding of reality through the SEND program, which fosters friendly exchanges with people of various generations and situations in the destination localities. This project aims to nurture leaders in Asia who possess both a local sense and a global perspective and who can rise to the challenge of solving problems for and with local people. In particular, the SEND program enhances students from abroad's interest towards Japan and this connects to the improvement of Japan’s image. At the same time, the program provides a form of training in which students from Japan acquire the ability to think about Japan from an international perspective. Through this, the SEND program fulfils its main aim of bringing about mutual trust in the next generation. A part of the curriculum also involves on-site local language training.

-Training for SEND and Overseas Program

At the same time as studying the language and culture of their destination country, Japanese students participating in the SEND (Student Exchange-Nippon Discovery) Program engage in Japanese language teaching support and introduce Japanese culture in local schools, thereby extending their appreciation of both their own culture and others. Preparatory training for the Program is provided through the SEND and Overseas Training program.
Building on the disciplinary approaches cultivated in the “Studying Asia in Kyoto” program, SEND and Overseas Training program covers Japanese language teaching methods in line with Japan Foundation standards, as well as tea ceremony, flower arrangement and other traditional Japanese cultural practices making full use of our location in Kyoto, and an introduction to “Cool Japan,” “monozukuri manufacturing,” and other Japanese themes in the global spotlight today. By the end of the training, students are well prepared to embark on the SEND Program.

-Multi-language and Culture Course

Introducing the subjects on other languages and cultures offered at Kyoto University
*For more details about these subjects, please contact the relevant subject instructors. Inquiries about registering to take these subjects should be directed to the administrative office (academic affairs section) of the graduate schools in which you are enrolled.
(Enrollment quotas and other restrictions are in place for some subjects.)

-Short-term Student Exchange

Here we will be showcasing Summer School and other initiatives designed for students from our partner universities and other international students.

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