Proceedings of the 9th Next Generation Global Workshop

Proceedings of the 9th Next Generation Global Workshopの風景
Session 1. 
Lermie Shayne S. Garcia Ateneo De Manila University The Mosaic of Asian Identity: Issues, Challenges, and Prospect in the Formation of Asian Identity among Ethnic Chines in Insular Southeast Asia
Chun Xu Heidelberg University Towards a Transcultural History of Landscape and Identity in Late Imperial China
Kriti Kanaujia University of Delhi  Transcultural Toponymic Identities: Case Study of Urban Villages of NCT of Delhi
Session 2. 
Anne-chie Wang National Taiwan University Manage Risks in Vulnerable Ages: The Tertiary Prevention in the Taiwan’s School Counseling System
Ema Inoue Kyoto University The Role of Peer Groups in Japanese Youth Support Service
Guo Yunwei Kyoto University  The Formation of Standard Employment in Postwar Japan
Session 3. 
Noriko Shiratori  University of Hawaii Beheiren: An Early Example of Transcultural Dynamics in Japan 1965-1974
Ryoko Kosugi Kyoto University Situating Japanese Youth Protest in the Global Sixties: From an Asian Perspective
Banigno C. Balgos Ateneo de Manila University  Transculturation of Perspectives and Practices: Negotiation among international and local humanitarian actors
Session 4. 
Amado Anthony G. Mendoza Ⅲ  University of the Philippines Diliman Transnational Counter-Insurgencies: Desultory Reading of Selected Critical Anthologies and Documents on Southeast Asian Literature.
Takeo Suzuki Kyoto University For Alter-Multiculturalism: Through the Eyes of an Anthropologist
Session 5. 
Mark Iñigo M. Tallara National University of Singapore Mga Milagro ng Birheng Maria(Miracles of the Virgin Mary): Symbolism and Expression of Marian devotion in the Philippines.
KHANAL Vasker, Tribhuvan University Political Transformation in Nepal: Loktantra(Democracy) and proselyte Religion
Yiftach Har-gil Heidelberg Univiersity  Provocative Pilgrimage as an Anti-status-quo Approach of Nationalist Politicians: a Comparison between Prevocational Pilgrimage to Tokyo`s Yasukuni Shrine and Jerusalem`s Temple Mount as Expressions of Nationalist Tactics
Uroš Zver European University Institute From India to Spain, and Back Again: A Connected History of Advice Literature
Session 6. 
Feifei Wang National University of Singapore Not Quite a Hybrid System: Khubilai`s Buddhist Administration in Southeastern China
Ji Chenjia Kyoto University From ‘Hua-Yi’ to ‘center-west’: Change of ‘West’ Concept during Ming and Qing Dynasty among the Conservative Confucian Scholar-officials against the Missionaries
Kaku Maika Kyoto University The Mixed Court in the Shanghai International Settlement(1911-1918)
Session 7. 
Gourange Charan Pradhan The Graduate University for Advanced Studies (SOKENDAI), Sōseki`s English Translation of Hōjōki-Cultural Negotiations and Hybridity in Meiji Japan-
Tymur Sandrovych Kyoto University Changes in the Image of the Japanese Society after Collapse of Soviet Union
Minji Lee University Heidelberg  Korean Society in Karafuto as a Transcultural space
Session 8. 
Huang Shiqi Kyoto University The aesthetic hegemony of ‘Asian Cinema’: An analysis of the Japanese impact on Jia Zhangke(贾樟柯)’s film production
Kania Arini Sukotjo National University of Singapore Expression of Love on Yaoi Content in Tokyo and Surabaya Comic Events.
Miia Huttunen University of Jyväskylä  Transcultural Representations of Japan in Four Chimneys: Japan’s National Image in UNESCO’s Orient Project 1957-1959
Li Shuangzhi Universität Göttingen Queering Kafka in East Asia: Deplacement and Différance
Session 9. 
Bubbles Beverly Neo Asor National University of Singapore Mediated ‘Multiculturalism’ as a transcultural process?: Notes from South Korea
Rinawati Prihatiningsih University Indonesia Indonesian Women in Transnational Marriages: Their Struggles, Negotiations, and Transformation on Ownership Rights as Indonesian Citizens: a Gender Studies Perspective
Vatana Chea Chulalongkorn University  Determinants of Choices of Destination of Cambodian Unskilled Labor Migrants
Katrina S. Navallo Kyoto University  In the Throes of Sustainability: Towards “Fair” Labor Mobility in ASEAN
Session 10. 
Ruby Prasad University of Delhi Migrating out of Poverty and Becoming a Sex Worker in big cities: a case study of G.B. Road, New Delhi
Ping-Heng Chen Heidelberg University Latin American orientalism and East Asian immigration in Guatemala at the turn of the twentieth century
Neha Jaiswal University of Delhi ‘Insurgency’ There and ‘Identity’ Here: A Study of Northeast Indian Migrants in Delhi