Proceedings of the 10th Next Generation Global Workshop

Proceedings of the 10th Next Generation Global Workshopの風景
Session 1. Post-coloniality and Nationalism
WANG Zuozao Kyoto University The Importance of Functionalism to Underdeveloped Countries in the Postcolonial Period: Focusing on the Madurese Poverty in an Asymmetric Society
SVITYCH Alexander National University of Singapore Neo-Nationalism in Japan and South Korea: State Transformation, Perceptions and Rhetoric
NEVREKAR Shantanu University of Delhi Accountability and the Transnational State: Paradoxes of Globalised Discourses
BHATIA Akriti University of Delhi  Urban Informality, Boundary Order and Exclusion
Session 2. Transformation and Acceptance
ALMONY James Kalau University of Hawaii Negotiating (with) Global Capital in Ryu Murakami’s Exodus of the Land of Hope
CLYDE Deirdre Alison University of Hawaii Henshin Among Gaijin: Gender, Spirituality, and Transformation Among American Fans of Japanese Pop Culture
QIU Datong Heidelberg University  Borderless Trade Monopoly and Friendship: Chinese, Chinese Merchants and Hakodate, 1853-1884
Session 3. Transformation and Acceptance II
TAKAHASHI Kenji and KAWAMURA Yūto  Kyoto University Bridging the Gap between Semantic Elucidation (Nirvacana) in the Sanskrit Tradition and Historical Linguistics
ESHACK Rashaad Heidelberg University Japanese Transcultural co-productions in Hawaii
Session 4.  Migration
TRAN Hong Thi and
Institute for Family and Gender studies The Barriers to Social Integration of Vietnamese Brides in Cross Border Marriages
DE CARVALHO MALHEIROS Davi University of Strasbourg Outside and Inside Borders: Class, Gender and Power Relations in the Migratory Journey of a Filipina in Germany
LI Yan Heidelberg University How do gender and migration constitute each other in rural Chinese practices of transnational labor migration?
HUANG Shiqi Kyoto University 1906-1919: An Analysis of the ‘Cultural Confrontation’ of the Chinese Students’ Monthly Published in America
Session 5.  Redefining Vulnerability
ANAND Srishty University of Delhi Response to Crisis of Piped Water: What Lies underneath the Humaniterian Discourse?
WANG Anne-chie National Taiwan University Caught in the Net: The Risk Discourse of Problematic Internet Use among Adolescents
KAMARATIH Ajeng University of Indonesia The Women’s Position as Sexual Violence Victims: An Indonesian Law Perspective
LU Meng-Tsung National Taiwan University Mainstreaming Gender, Restructuring the State: Preliminary Reflections on the Experience of Taiwan’s Woman’s Policy Agency Institutionalization