Event Information: “Toward a Social History of the Post War era: Changing employment in the lost two decades”

Lecturer: Prof. Andrew Gordon (Harvard Univ.)

Date: 19, Dec., 17:00-19:00.

Venue: 5th Floor, Fuculty of Letteers, Bldg. 

Language: Japanese


The rise in non-regular employment has been widely lamented as a majoe shift in Japanese working life with far-reaching consequences.The typical story starts with the percentage: non-regular employment have risen from about 15% of all employers in the 1980s to over 35%  more recently. This chage is typically linked to all manner of problems, from delayed marriage and fewer children to weak consumer spending and rising inequality. This story is partial and misleading. In this talk I will seek to offer a fuller picture of the origins and charctaristics of the rise in non-regular work force.