Proceedings of Each Section

Session A-1 Family Care1

Session B-1 Family Care2

Session A-2 Family Care3

Session B-2 Care and Femininity

Session A-3 Childcare

Session B-3 Social Security and Elder Care

Session A-4 Care in the Rural Settings

Session B-4 Transnational Care

Session A-1. Family Care 1
LU Yi-Ting  National Taiwan University Suffering and Love between Genders
Michael MAHER KING  University of Oxford Regional Variation in Policy Implementation Regarding Out-of-Home Care for Children in Japan
ODA Akiko and JOHSHITA Kenichi  Japan Society for the Promotion of Science and Kyoto University
Session B-1 Family Care 2
Victory THAPA Tribhuvan University Contested Family
YU Yi-Chia  National Taiwan University Changing Elder Care in Taiwan Families: The Role of Gender Culture
OH Kazumi Kyoto University
Finding “Commensurable” and “Communicable” Meanings in People with Dementia
Session A-2 Family Care 3
Anurita JALAN University of Delhi Lone Fathers: The Unconventional Caregivers
Işıl BAYRAKTAR Kyoto University Changes in the Direction of Intergenerational Support Flows in Turkey, a country at the onset of aging
Martin RATHMANN Heidelberg University
The Mindset of Japanese Engineers within the field of Care Robotics – Robotics in Aging Japan
Session B-2 Care and Femininity
YASUI Ayako Kyoto University Is an ethic of care based on femininity?
Jean-Noël SANCHEZ University of Strasbourg Construction and deconstruction of Maria Clara
Prem Bahadur CHALAUNE Tribhuvan University  
Session A-3 Childcare
GAN Su Wan University of Putra Malaysia Parental Care and Socio-Psychological Symptoms among Malaysian Preadolescents
Eun-hye KANG Seoul National University Impact of the Number and Age of Children on Married Women’s Time-use Pattern for Childcare and Housework in Korea
Session B-3 Social Security and Elderly Care
Charna UNDERWOOD University of Hawaii at Manoa Depression and Social Support Among Older Japanese in Long-term Care
TANAKA Hiromi  Doshisha University Diverse types of the Earner-Carer model – proposing a new theoretical framework for comparative family policy.
Session A-4. Care in the Rural Settings
LI Shuqin Beijing Foreign Studies University The Ethic of Conviction and Women’s Participation of Elderly Care in Rural Families
Rajesh BHUSAL Tribhuvan University Inter-Caste Marriage: Social Support and Family Care in Contemporary Rural Nepal
XIA Bing Renmin University
Illness Narratives of Two Elderly Women Who Once Lived in China’s Collective Past1
Session B-4. Transnational Care
Katrina S. NAVALLO  University of the Philippines Diliman Transnational eldercare
Kalinga Menusha DE SILVA  National University of Singapore Transnational Landscapes of Care: Elderly within Sri Lankan-Australian Transnational Families and their Care Networks
Hazal MUSLU Qatar University Role of the State on the Care of Low-Income Migrant Workers in Qatar